Welcome to our Gardening Club Rhydlewis and District Gardening Club has been around since the time of Adam and Eve. In fact, it is believed that one of our members planted and tended the very apple tree that gave rise to the pair being expelled from the garden!!

Whether this urban myth is true or not, the club is here to encourage, improve and extend the members' knowledge of all branches of horticulture. It is open to everyone and new members are all always welcome to come along.

Our activities during the year include a varied programme of talks and social events, summer garden visits, a plant sale, social gatherings/bbq and an annual open show in August.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

More Great Images of the Rhydlewis Gardening Club Produce Show.

thanks to Judith Russell for these really well-shot photos that get to the heart of the pleasure we get out of vegetables and flowers. It's worth the hard work all summer long.
See the blog below for details of Prize Winners.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

The August Produce Show

The 'Collection of Five Vegetables' Class show our member's versitility

This year’s show exceeded our expectations, both in number of entries, the quality of the flowers, veg, etc, and the number of people who turned out to see the exhibits in the evening. Well done to Pam Evens and Janette Sharman for winning the Challenge Cups, the Roses Shield and the D&G Williams Shield.

Also massive thanks to the volunteers who made the day run so smoothly from beginning to end; Janette, Jane, Rita, Dilys, Judith and everyone who helped clear up at the end.

Utterly scrumptious cup cakes
Everyone mentioned what fun the day had been, from discovering the delights of your garden and bringing them along, to finding out who had triumped, and there was a buzz of chatter across the hall as we tucked into tea and biscuits
The Hydgrangea classification proved popular,
 with some fabulous blooms
The Apple class was won by the shiny brambleys
 exhibited by new member Carrie Noakes

We all went home with gladioli corms; these should be kept dry until the spring and planted out at the same time as dahlia bulbs; they like a nice, friable soil with plenty of well-rotted manure and don’t like their ankles in water.

Dahlia Class
Despite the August rain,
there were plenty of tomatoes on display
Herb class
Wine and preserves
Please note that the smaller corms are cormels. 

These make lovely plants eventually, but need special attention.                                                           So long as the cormels have some root structure you can plant them up in dryish soil in pots and keep in a cold frame or the greenhouse until next year; they may not flower next year but a bit of love and attention may help! If you have any further information to add on ‘bringing up’ your baby glads, do add it to the site.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Garden Visit June 2014 - Sculpture Heaven

Sculpture Heaven turned out to be a very popular choice; it was enjoyed by everyone. First we had chilled drinks in the cafe area, then saw the workshops and then we strolled around the garden enjoying the wonderful creativity of the owners in full sunshine.
The Labyrinth

The Alchemical Herb Garden

The Celtic Stone Circle

Garden of Peace

A small part of the vegetable garden

The Gothic Garden

More of the veg garden

The Rowen Witch's Grove

Wednesday, 7 May 2014


I was very sad to miss Carrie Fisher’s talk on the 29th April; SOMETHING DIFFERENT FROM SEED, but there was an excellent turnout and lots of great feedback.

Vicky Wade, a member from Brongest reported back;
 I was completely inspired by Carrie’s talk. Everytime she talked about a plant I was thinking; Oh! I used to grow that! Back home, I cleared the potting shed and found lots of lost packets of flower seeds. I have planted the lot! Thank you Carrie - I’m hoping for a great show this summer.

The next meeting is the Bring and Buy; please do both if you can, or just one of them, or  if you don’t have spare plants or need any -  just come anyway.

I’ll be coming among your to ask if you are planning to come to the Garden Visit; this is at the end of July, this year, not June as it usually is, but have a think about this as I’ll be taking numbers and also taking orders for food - as usual we’ll be meeting for a meal after the event. 

Sunday, 30 March 2014

A lovely Spring show.

The Spring Show was full of lovely colour. As you can see from the photo below, the Member's Tulips catagory was particularly popular. Chris Pearl won this event. 

The camellia class was also very attractive.

The good turnout included villagers as well as  members. 

Vicky Wade sent me the following email after attending;

 thanks to everyone for a lovely spring show. I only wish I'd been more organised and on the ball and contributed myself. Here is a picture of my tulips, rescued from the stack of kindling so that I can enjoy their rare beauty indoors. Only three as the others didnt make it through the sticks very well! Nice colour!
Notes on planting and aftercare: planted in Martin's worm compost 4 ins deep in a large terracotta pot and watered only once then left neglected in the greenhouse over the winter and covered in a pile of fallen twigs and branches. 
The other picture is a replica of the Delft Tulip vase, the porcelain original of which is much taller and is in the Reicht Museum Amsterdam. The tulips first imported to the Netherlands in the 16th century from Turkey were considered so rare that each bloom fetched a fortune and the stackable vase was commissioned to show them off to their very best advantage. Many different and bizarre tulip vase designs some as tall as 1.5 m were developed from this.https://www.delft-art-gallery.com/webshop/category-6-tulip-vases.html This link has some amazing vase designs if you are interested.I will aim to fill it appropriately with tulips next spring!

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

come and enjoy this colourful event
25th MARCH, 2O14 at 7.30 p.m.
(Bring your Exhibits for Staging from 4pm to 6pm) 


A Decorated Easter Egg (8 years and under)

A miniature garden on a plate (9 - 14 years)

Young exhibitors are encouraged to use their imaginations; any materials can be employed to create fun eggs and imaginative mini gardens. 

Bring your exhibit to:   RHYDLEWIS VILLAGE HALL On TUESDAY 25th MARCH, 2O14 from 4pm to 6pm for judging
Spring Show starts at 7.30pm 
come with all the family to enjoy this colourful event


For Further Details Phone: 
Nina and Jim on 01239 851096 or Jenny on 01239 851470